Sublime Peace

Rest your soul now. Make peace. Tomorrow is another day. It is not easy. But take a day off from your mental-emotional struggles.

Do nothing but beautiful things.

Give yourself a retreat. Forget your enemies, forget: your worries and the aches of body, mind and soul.


Think only into the vibration of the Divine Spirit, into the realms of beauty, joy and peace. Even if you may not be able as yet to feel this soothing and calm peace at all times, perhaps you can select one day per week or per month for such retreat.

Cleansing is one part, refreshing another one. Quiet meditation -- a few very short moments -- relaxes.

Silence is essential.

If you can live with yourself for one day in such inner retreat in peace, you have entered the phase where the fleeting moments of bliss will grow stronger and longer, and the coming days of busy involvement will be much easier, the burdens will be lighter.

Put aside a day of complete peace.

Be sure you can feel -- in your daily meditation --the renewing strength of peace. It will detach you more from your aggravations and harassments. The contrast will make you realize their insignificance, as part of the selfish ego-play.











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